QV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応 & QV_Developer_01 日本語版試験勉強法


今あなたが無料でJapanCertが提供したQlikViewのQV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応の学習ガイドをダウンロードできます。それは受験者にとって重要な情報です。

難しいIT認証試験に受かることを選んだら、頑張って準備すべきです。JapanCertのQlikViewのQV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応はIT認証試験に受かる最高の資料で、手に入れたら成功への鍵を持つようになります。JapanCertのQlikViewのQV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応は信頼できるもので、100パーセントの合格率を保証します。

購入した前にQlikViewのQV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応のような商品の適用性をあなたに感じさせるために、我々はQlikViewのQV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応のデモを提供して、あなたはJapanCertで無料でダウンロードして体験できます。何か疑問があれば、我々の係員を問い合わせたり、メールで我々を連絡したりすることができます。あなたは弊社を選ぶとき、QlikViewのQV_Developer_01 関連資格試験対応に合格する最高の方法を選びます。

QV_Developer_01試験番号:QV_Developer_01 試験概要
試験科目:「QlikView 11 Developer Certification Examination」

>> QV_Developer_01 試験概要


NO.1 A developer has a Container Object with multiple charts and each chart has many different
The developer needs to provide users with a method to easily obtain information related to each
chart and the expressions within.
How can the developer fulfill this requirement?
A. enter a thorough description of each chart and its expressions in the Help Text property on the
Caption tab
B. enter a thorough description of each chart and its expressions in the Text in Chart property on the
Layout tab
C. design a help graphic for each chart and set it as the caption background
D. create a Text Object containing help information for each chart and link each Chart Object to its
corresponding Text Object using QlikView's Linked Objects feature
Answer: A

QV_Developer_01 専門   QV_Developer_01 問題数   

NO.2 A customer has an Addresses table with the fields. CustomerNumber, CustomerName,
AddressLine1, AddressLine2, City, StateCode, PostalCode, and CountryCode.
A designer needs to design a chart to show a count of distinct customers in which the customer's
CountryCode is US or CA, while ignoring all selections on the Addresses table except the
CustomerNumber and CustomerName fields.
How can the designer calculate the required value?
A. count({$<(CountryCode={US} or CountryCode={CA}), AddressLine1=, AddressLine2=, City=,
StateCode=, PostalCode=>} distinct CustomerNumber)
B. count({$<CountryCode={US or CA}, AddressLine1=, AddressLine2=, City=, StateCode=,
PostalCode=>} distinct CustomerNumber)
C. count({$<CountryCode={US, CA}, AddressLine1=, AddressLine2=, City=, StateCode=, PostalCode=>}
distinct CustomerNumber)
D. count({$<CountryCode={US, CA}, Addresses.*=>} distinct CustomerNumber)
E. count({1<CountryCode={US, CA}, CustomerName=CustomerName,
CustomerNumber=CustomerNumber>} distinct CustomerNumber)
Answer: C

QV_Developer_01 例題   

NO.3 Which technique should a developer use to clearly describe dimensions and measures for end
users who need to use collaborative objects?
A. add field metadata tags to fields in the load script
B. add a system table to the application
C. put a How To sheet in the application
D. put descriptive information in each object's help text
Answer: A

QV_Developer_01 最新版   QV_Developer_01 研修   

NO.4 A customer has 30 target values that are used to evaluate the quality of an organization's
facilities. At least half the target values are changed monthly by the business users.
What is the most efficient way for the developer to store, access, and maintain the target values?
A. create a Variables tab in the load script and use 30 LET statements to assign the values to variables
B. save the target names and values in an external file, load them into a QlikView table, and use a
FOR loop to assign the values to variables
C. manually create a variable for each value in Expression Overview and maintain them in Expression
D. embed the target values into each expression in which they are required
Answer: B

QV_Developer_01 合格   

JapanCertは最新の300-320問題集と高品質のC-THR86-1702問題と回答を提供します。JapanCertの220-901 VCEテストエンジンと1Z0-327試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質の2V0-622PSE PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。